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Torque and Tension Tools

WB Equipment Bolting Solutions cater to the complete bolting work-flow.

Enerpac's Bolting Solutions cover the entire bolting workflow for joint integrity. The product range includes manual torque multipliers, pneumatic torque wrenches, hydraulic torque wrenches, and interconnectable bolt tensioning tools. Enerpac offers controlled tightening tools, including manual, pneumatic, electric torque wrenches, and hydraulic torque wrenches, catering to diverse application requirements.

Torque and Tension Tools
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Torque and Tension Tools

Controlled Bolting Tools
Enerpac’s Bolting Solutions cater to the complete bolting work-flow, ensuring joint integrity in a variety of applications throughout industry. Enerpac offers a variety of controlled tightening options to best meet the requirements of your application, ranging from manual torque multipliers, to pneumatic torque wrenches, as well as a comprehensive range of hydraulic torque wrenches and interconnectable bolt tensioning tools.

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

Hydraulic torque wrenches are professional tools for industrial applications. These truly versatile tools utilize standard impact sockets, optional direct allen-key drives or interchangeable hexagon cassettes to provide controlled tightening of multiple sized fasteners per tool. Optional accessories further extend the application range of these products.

Pneumatic Torque Wrenches

Pneumatic torque wrenches are tough and reliable tools that are designed to provide fast, safe, and simple fastening for applications that require controlled bolting solutions. The pneumatic torque wrenches are robust enough to withstand tough job site conditions, and are ideal for applications with a high volume of fastenings.
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